In Retrospect: The Queen's Speech 2019

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The Queen poised to make her annual Christmas Day speech. Image courtesy of Reuters.


The Bigger Picture (London) — And may I present, Her Majesty the Queen.

At 3PM GMT, Her Majesty made a customary Christmas speech. All in all, it was a memorable speech that in reality exposed a lot of what is currently wrong with the way people act today, which highlighted the current environmental state worldwide as well as political activism. The 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing and the 75th Anniversary of D-Day were also touched upon as significant events. The Queen's speech also did not fail to address the difficulty of the past year, while similarly not neglecting the joys of the past year. The tone was optimistic; one that encouraged reconciliation and aspired to progress.

The most memorable (in my opinion at any rate) emphasis was on change and how it is best achieved. Her Majesty the Queen rather candidly pointed out that change is best carried out in slow increments rather than in giant leaps, using the famous "one small step" quote as an analogy. All in all, it was a discrete push against radical action on all sides, masking a desire for political stability with what would otherwise be seemingly be simple life advice. This of course was all done with Her Majesty's typical composure and blue-blooded refinement. More importantly, the speech was concluded exceptionally well, with the implementation being Queen Elisabeth's Coup de Grâce.

There was a lot to be learned from the wisdom of Her Majesty, and a lot to be taken in too.

Kudos, Your Majesty, kudos.

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