Track of the week: Departure by Late June

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THEBIGGERPICTURE (London) — Late June’s new single, Departure, released on all major streaming services today, is our track of the week.

The New Zealand producer’s latest effort is rooted in electronic sound, featuring snatches of elegant piano melodies interspersed with immersive, expansive strings, fast-paced synthesizers, and bittersweet female vocals. Late June told THEBIGGERPICTURE that the song was both inspired by “being sort of miserable” after having entered the typical 9-5 work-force, something that many people can identify with, dedicating their lives to something that does not particularly interest or elicit joy for them, but something that is a necessity to pay the bills. At the same time, he added that the more “peaceful piano atmosphere” in other sections of the track “represent my relationship with my partner and the feeling of purpose and love there”. He is not entirely resigned to the rat race, though, and still believes that “something to work towards in life is out there”.

The track brings to life, through music, a sort of dynamic that many people can identify; the inherent juxtapositions in life, of the working world and private life. This kind of juxtaposition between love at home, and work at the office is becoming increasingly intertwined in light of the current pandemic, which has meant that billions of people have been stuck at home, under lockdown to prevent even more cases of the deadly coronavirus. Late June, known to friends as Sonny (something which he references in many of his songs), also told THEBIGGERPICTURE that “he’s feeling more hopeful about the position” he’s in during lockdown, as New Zealand is “drawing to the close of strict restrictions”.

He explained, “I’m also very weary and sad for all the misery and loss we’ve all experienced from this pandemic. It’s overwhelming and it’s heartbreaking and I hope everyone’s staying safe and inside.”

This release was hot on the heels of six-track EP Real Windows, which included hit singles 8:23, Heartbeat, and Bells. Much like Departure, it featured sampled vocals, recontextualised from movies and short films, creating nostalgic, romanticized vignettes, recreating those moments, from everyday life, as well as the elegant piano melodies and meditative chord progressions. He released a single with high-profile Finnish producer Idealism, Miles Apart, back in December.

Late June announced that he will soon be releasing two new singles, Date Night and Burning Slow. He’s additionally working on an EP with US vocalist, Harvey (FKA H\/RVEY), which he has titled Vampires. If you’re a Late June fan, there’s much to look forward to.

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